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Soozy Barker (Copper Earth) Canvas Print

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Soozy Barker (Copper Earth)  Canvas Print

Soozy Barker is an experienced published interior artist specialising in producing contemporary mixed media art works designed to enhance interior design themes. She has been creating quality affordable art for over 15 years

She was initially trained as an artist by her Father, Jon Barker, whose own work is published internationally.  However she has developed her own unique style and specialist techniques using a variety of media

Soozy works directly with her clients but also with interior design companies and some of her work has now been made available to be sold to you directly on this online store. She has completed over 100 commissions and sold countless individual pieces which are hung in private and corporate collections throughout the UK and all over the world. 

Her painting process requires hours of blending, pouring, splashing and flicking, often using 20-30 brushes and various palate knives, metallic acrylics, spray paints, oil paints, gold and silver leaf, mixing and thinning mediums, and paint stained pieces of wood to use as edges.  "I can spend hours without leaving the easel, the blending and pouring process becomes almost hypnotic. I can't leave a piece until I'm completely happy. The surface of the paint has to be as serene as the feeling the image gives the viewer."

Soozy Barker (Copper Earth)

Canvas Print


EAN: 5051265956880