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Featured Artist Colin Ruffell "Prices Start from £14.99"

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Colin Ruffell (Edinburgh Castle Midday) Canvas Print
Product ID: WDC92790
Size: 30 x 40cm


Colin Ruffell was born in 1939 and at the age of 26 became a professional artist after qualifying from the Open University in psychology and aesthetics and two Art Colleges in painting, design and printmaking. Colin is a pioneer of new techniques and was part of the first British art students collectives who to use then-revolutionary acrylic paint in the early Sixties, and he has promoted its use ever since. He spotted the potential of giclée printing in the early Nineties and the use of the internet as an exhibition space. He was elected by The Fine Art Trade Guild firstly as a Court Member and then as Chair of The Guild’s Printers and Publishers Committee. Colin diverse styles range from childlike and amusing images to traditional landscapes and complex abstracts exploring the relationship of colour, texture and shape.