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rs1320-1229-chesterton-location-scr.jpgInteriors Art Audio Gallery have curated the GPO Brand as our preferred choice of stylish retro inspired phones and audio equipment.

GPO Mission and Values

Retro design inspires everything GPO does, there love of modern innovation powers the GPO brand. GPO products are inspired by retro, but created with care.

The GPO Brand Resurrected

This isn’t about recreating retro designs, instead creating them authentically while injecting them with a modern inspiration and vitality. There’s a passion and inspiration characterised by our attention to detail which affects every level of business from briefing manufacturers to talking to customers.

These products are something you choose to add colour to your life, you want one because it’s nostalgic and cool. You keep it because it’s fun and beautiful. Each design is inspired and fuelled by a desire to innovate. It reminds us of the balance, and the core value of GPO driven by a love of the past but bringing it bang up to date.

Who was GPO?

The original GPO Telephones were produced by the General Post Office in the UK from the mid-19th Century, right up to the late 20th Century whilst the telephone network was still a publicly run service.

Within that one hundred and fifty year period, GPO released a huge amount of memorable and sturdy phones designed for everyday use which were eventually discontinued as the company was turned into a private corporation in the 1980s and technology moved on to satisfy a demand for cheaper products.